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Hi, I'm Kyle.

I'm an Experience Consultant and Creative Producer based in LA.

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[/] About me

Always a daydreamer, I am a tech professional specializing in experience design, now involved in creative production.

As the Cofounder of Lucid Dreaming, an experience design consultancy, I advise brands on how to design and deliver exceptional new experiences for their customers, both physical and digital.

As a Creative Producer, I take concepts and bring them to life. From conceptualization through to development and funding, I help assemble the right team and partners in the early stages of film and TV production.

Before moving to LA, I studied Computer Science at Stanford University (BAS '14, MS '16) and worked in various engineering, product and design roles in Silicon Valley.

In my spare time, I advise early-stage startups, build award-winning furniture, and host Nerd Night LA, a monthly speaker series.